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Housing Development Services, Inc. (HDSI) is an affordable housing development consulting firm. It has been in business for over 20 years and has helped develop more than 40 affordable housing units. The company's expertise includes designing development strategies, working through tax credit funding and tailoring the sort of support vehicles available to its profit-motivated and non-profit clients.

These days, there are relatively few instances when an apartment building targeted to be affordable for low- and moderate-income families and seniors is financially feasible without the benefit of governmental or private assistance in some form. That could be through the use of tax credits, a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured loan, Community Development Block Grants, State or local government grants or loans, foundation funding or a combination of all the above.
Villa Flores
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Mt. Moriah Senior Villa
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In fact, all of the above have particular requirements for getting out their monies to the deserving developer. These requirements involve designing a complete financial strategy into which each of the requested funding agents can see its fit.

HDSI has acted as the housing development consultant on more than 40 projects for low- and moderate-income families and seniors. HDSI begins working with the client who has the idea and is able to bring elements of specialty or community involvement to the development team. From that start, HDSI tailors a financial plan that considers what it takes to bring the affordable housing concept to an economic reality.

HDSI also prepares the paperwork necessary to garner the required funding and process it through the relevant bureaucracy. The results can be seen through a review of the pictures on this page. HDSI was the housing consultant for each of the buildings shown.

Solomon Renty Senior Villa
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Among the development consulting services offered by HDSI are:
Financial strategies
Buildings developed by HDSI
Document preparation
Contacts with loan institutions
Grant applications
Partnership opportunities
Before-and-after improvements
Arirang Senior Villa
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